IMPS and Building Envelope, Performance and Cost Savings in Construction
at BSA Space on April 25 (6-8pm)

Building Envelope performance has become a topic of focus for building owners and end users. A high performing wall system prevents air, water, vapor and thermal infiltration, which leads to a more energy-efficient and sustainable operations. Building Envelopes also must comply with stringent codes and compliances for fire safety, structural performance, and FM insurance needs.  

As Construction costs rise industry experts look towards high efficiency constructability models. Together we invite you to compare the construction benefits that IMPs deliver via a more simplified, cost-effective, and time-efficient solution. Traditionally, projects include multiple vendors and products, which result in more trucks, equipment, materials and people on the job site. IMP’s negate multi component  material integration, which means value at the job site with one manufacturer, one system and simplified installation.

 Our panel will explore the common failures of both multi component wall systems, and IMP’s to advise the building community of best practices for their project, and how to select accurate applications for their Building Envelope.